Thursday, August 16, 2012

“Oh it must be so much fun working here.”

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It must be so much fun working here? 

 Working as a veterinary technician for upwards of 25 years now I have heard this statement more often than I would care to count. 
If it’s said in earshot of my employer I smile and say "yes it sure is".
So, what do you think?  That we sit in the back under rainbows listening to harp music  while we play with puppies and kittens all day and get paid for it?
  Working with animals is still WORKING. Oh sure, we occasionally get to hold  baby animals from time to time, but normally that baby is hospitalized because it's sick and usually very sick .Vomiting, projectile diarrhea, flea infestation, parasites. these things aren’t considered fun to deal with even to a seasoned gal like myself.
Supplies must be ordered, instrument’s need to be sterilized . There’s tons of dirty poo and pee stained laundry to wash, cages to climb into and scrub. Medications to be given to patients who don’t want it, and will bite, scratch, and claw you.
There are floors that constantly need to be moped and splattered bits of God knows what on every wall. You’re on your feet non-stop and emergencies don’t take a lunch break so neither do you. You must educate clients and take phone calls,messages and while doing all of this the doctors need your help too .
And to think I went to school for this.
Working with animals is not fun….. It’s a calling it’s what you do. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry it will break your back and break your heart.  


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  1. It is an ABSOLUTELY appreciated calling. The animal lover in me needs the hard work and devotion that comes from you and others like you.
    You have been a great friend to me and my animals! I salute you!