Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Superstorm Sandy......aftermath

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We here in NJ and our neighbors on the east coast  really got hit hard , as I write this my thoughts are of  those who where lost and those still trying to survive.

As always with most things in life even through the worst of times there can be some humor.
So I'm including a few exerts from my diary. 

Day two of hurricane sandy . Cable and internet went out just as the storm started. Haven't seen any pictures, but the radio says its bad.The family is grateful ,we have power and are watching DVDs to pass the time.We heard they cancelled Halloween.

Three Days without TV,or internet,  running out of DVD's  and we are now turning on each other.

Mom called this morning to remind me that six days was long to be without cable. She never lost hers and was trying to be sympathetic. I informed her that I was past being grateful ,past "but others lost so much"and am now just bitter. I know, I know But i couldn't help it, I wanted TV and internet I needed to know what was going on out there.......
She then announced my father had just returned with  bus tickets to Atlantic City casino's . "Oh that's just what they need at the hurricane ravaged jersey shore I said "A bus full of old people waving quarters"."You two are gosh darn super hero's,saving the world one slot machine at a time."
 I didn't hear anything on the news ,But I could imagine the bus doors swing open, slowly they creep one by one down the steps, some toting oxygen tanks,walkers,canes some pushing wheelchairs ,but none moving fast enough to  ruffle their capes .
But they came ,these hero's, the grey and white hair brigade, with  pacemakers charged,orthopedic shoe's and alarmed pill dispenser cases. They came to do their part and save the Jersey shore with fists full of bus tokens and brandishing all you can eat buffet coupons.
and I thought...
On the statue of liberty it reads
Bring me your tired your poor,your huddled masses
send these the homeless,tempest tossed to me.
I really don't think she meant on a casino bus, from old people town.

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