Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Meet Sigwa

So, I just read a story about a deformed kitten named Corky and it prompted me to tell you about one of my girls here on Misfit Island.
Now being a veterinary technician we see a lot of things, but this little girl was something to see.
She arrived in a trap with animal control to be euthanized. He said she’d been living behind a gas station. She was a frightened mess, greasy, dirty and emaciated. Once out of the trap she hit the floor and started running. She was running on just her front feet like a handstand, with her back legs twisting above her like a helicopter.
Shocked, we all stood staring, and then burst out laughing having never seen anything like it. Then I heard it, what I always hear when some poor deformed thing finds its way anywhere near me, “Looks like another one headed for Misfit Island.”
Well after she calmed down it seemed she didn’t always walk on her hands. Her back legs are on backwards and she manages to use one part of her leg like a knee but only one works well .It’s kind of like she wearing feety pajamas but her feet aren’t in the foot area. Anyway, on top of that she had a bad jaw infection, fleas, worms and while spaying her we removed her back claws as they found to be problematic for her. She also has extra toes, eight on each foot.
I brought her home to my island and soon she fit right in with all the others. She gets around just fine, up and down beds across floors and even climbs the stairs sometimes. She grew into a happy healthy beautiful Maine Coon type long hair cat with brilliant green eyes. I never considered surgery for her because in the past it hasn’t worked out that well so I often opt not to.
As a foot note she has married our male cat Frog Cat (born without knee bones but that’s another story) and they are very happy.
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